Ruby Dee
Ruby Dee was born Ruby Ann Wallace on October 27, 1923 in Cleveland, Ohio. She was an actor, writer, and activist. She was married to fellow actor Ossie Davis. Ruby Dee was a star of stage and screen for decades, beginning with her 1946 Broadway debut in Anna Lucasta. She appeared hundreds of times in plays, movies and television shows, frequently co-starring with her husband, actor Ossie Davis. The pair, married from 1948 until Davis's death in 2005, were also famous for their off-screen activism and work on behalf of African-Americans in the performing arts. Ruby Dee was nominated for an Oscar for her supporting role inAmerican Gangster (2007, starring Denzel Washington), and she was nominated for six Emmys during her career, winning once, for 1990's Decoration Day. Her other films include The Jackie Robinson Story (1950), A Raisin in the Sun (1961, withSidney Poitier), Do the Right Thing (1988, directed by Spike Lee) and Baby Geniuses (1999). In 2004, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis were honored by the Kennedy Center for their contributions to the performing arts in America... In 1998 Dee published a collection of writings, My One Good Nerve... In 2000 she and Davis published their autobiography, With Ossie and Ruby: In This Life Together. She died on June 11, 2014. 

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  March 2015  
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Dissecting Fetal Pigs
(Pictured from left to right, Jermaal Coles, Angel Morgan, Mr. Dongilli, Ms. Brown, Key'Shia Whitaker)

 On Friday, March 13, Mr. Dongilli's Science classes dissected fetal pigs.  Parents, staff, and other classes in the building were invited to observe. Mr. Dongilli, students, and assisting staff members all donned an apron that displayed a diagram of a pig with the parts of its insides labeled. Students were placed in groups of fours. After a designated student in each group tied each of the pig's legs to reveal his belly, the students began their first cut, which was near the pig's throat.  After completing about six cuts in all, the students were ready to dissect certain organs, including the intestines.  The students were intrigued and actively engaged.  They all seemed to enjoy the hands- on dissection rather than simply observing it being done.  

For more photos of the dissection, please visit the photo gallery in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Blacks in Wax

A Kindergartener presses a fourth grader's button to hear about Langston Hughes during the "Blacks in Wax" segment of Dawson Elementary School's Black History Program.)

Dawson Elementary School held it's annual Black History Program on Wednesday, March 4, 2015.  It was originally scheduled for February 25, but was cancelled due to inclement weather. Ms. Taylor, Dawson Elementary Counselor, organized a living wax museum as a prelude and a conclusion to Dawson's Elementary School's Black History Program.  

The wax museum was entitled, "Blacks in Wax."  Students in third, fourth, and fifth grades gathered pictures of notable African-Americans and created a collage of the person's life. Each student then posted the information on the wall, dressed in attire similar to the person they researched, and was given a "button" so that visitors could press their button and hear them explain things about their person's life, career, and contributions.  A couple of Dawson's Spanish-speaking students provided information in both English and Spanish. 

The participants included fourth grader JaMarius Smith, pictured above, as poet and writer Langston Hughes.  Other participants were Stephanie Valdez as Michelle Obama, Markell Boone as Paul Roberson, Key'Shia Whitaker as Harriet Tubman, Isela Sanchez as Daisy Lee Gaston Bates, Assata Reid as Katherine Dunham, and Quanzavious  Lassiter as Ralph Dunbar. Parents, faculty, and students all enjoyed pressing the buttons and hearing each student provide information.  Good job students and Ms. Taylor.  You all did wonderful! 

For more photos of the "Blacks in Wax"  visit the photo gallery in the top right hand corner of the page. 

HCSD School Consolidation Meeting


 Dawson Elementary School is located in a quiet, rural area of northeastern North Carolina on the boarder of Enfield and Scotland Neck. It currently serves 135 students has 27 employees including grade level teachers, Exceptional Children (EC) teachers, teacher assistants, a nurse, counselor, school librarian, custodian, cafeteria staff, physical education teacher, and an in-school suspension coordinator. The current building was built between 1957 and 1961 near the same area were the second Dawson Elementary was built.  However, the first Dawson Elementary School was built in 1910 and was an old wooden building known as the Masonic Lodge.  Sometimes Cedar Creek Baptist Church (still located next to the school)  was used as a classroom in Dawson's early days.  The second Dawson Elementary School was built in 1940 and was made of cinder blocks.  Today, Dawson Elementary School is built of bricks, and still stands to serve and educate.

Here is a list of Dawson's principals from 1910 until the present: Mr. Steptoe, Mrs. Malissa Smith (Addie's principal as a child), Mr. Patterson, Mr. Mcgacheah, Mr. C. Carraway, Mr. Dandee Clark, Mrs. Cooke, Mr. R.L. Solomon, Mr. Ronald Hayste, Mrs. Arjonah Balmer, Ms. Archibald, Ms. Arrington, and Mrs. Aimee Richardson. (As Addie and I conduct further research on the principals, names will be added if there are any, and the order will be corrected).

Addie (Historian)                         Addie and House Born In
The history of Dawson was provided by Mrs. Addie Clark Bobbitt Draughan (pictured above) who was born and raised a stone's throw away from Dawson in a house that still stands.  She is a local historian and author.  She has written and published several novels as well as several books of poetry. Mrs. Addie, born March 10, 1922, is a long time member of Cedar Creek Baptist Church and graduated from Dawson's seventh grade class in 1939. Afterwards she attended grades 8-11 at the Franklin Center at Bricks in Whitakers, NC. Lastly, she graduated from Brawley High school. We are very grateful to Mrs. Addie for provided information about Dawson elementary School's history that few are alive to tell about.  Thank you, Mrs. Addie, and you are invited to Dawson anytime!

 Dawson's Operational Hours are from 7:30am until 4:00pm.

Celebrating Women
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