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  September 2014  
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Male Mentoring

On Tuesday, Septemeber 23, 2014 two positive Black male role models from the community visited Dawson Elementary School to speak to the male students about the importance of being respectful, being unselfish, practicing good Southern hospitality, respecting others, and especially respecting their female classmates as they would respect their mothers and sisters.  The visitors were retired Halifax County Schools employee and current Boy Scouts leader, Mr. Curtis Shields, and former Dawson student, current county football coach, and retired E6 Army Staff Sergeant, Mr. Jamie Caudle. The meeting was orchestrated by current Dawson employee and male mentor, Mr. Enoch Hood, who arranged the meeting in light of recent risqué behavior amongst the male students towards the female students. Hood began the meeting by introducing himself and the speakers, and heavily emphasizing that the boys must show respect by addressing them all as "Mr." Afterwards, Shields spoke to the the boys about how important it is to choose respect, good behavior, and positive habits now while they are young so that they will not find themselves incarcerated later and having little to no freedom of choice. Lastly Caudle took the floor, but not before acknowledging his kindergarten teacher, Ms. Nancy Wilson, who retired from Halifax County, is a current new teacher mentor at Dawson, and was present for the meeting. The students were in awe as Caudle happily shared his experiences as a child growing up in Halifax County Schools and his experiences traveling abroad to Germany, Italy, and many other places. The meeting ended on a positive note with Shields and Caudle inviting the boys to join the Boy Scouts and the football league, however, the men emphasized that their place in these organizations were to be accompanied by their positive behavior at school and at home.  Dawson was delighted to have Shields and Caudle to visit, and this is perhaps the first of many more of the male mentoring meetings. For more photos from the meeting, please visit the photo gallery in the top right corner of the homepage.

Andrea Dagnalan
Dawson Congratulates our 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year, Ms. Andrea Dagnalan.  She is the second runner-up for the District's Teacher of the Year Award.  Ms. Dagnalan teaches Exceptional Children at Scotland Neck Primary School and Dawson Elementary School.  She is a native of the Philippines. She received an AB Social Science/Political Science/Sociology degree from the University of the Philippines. She received a Masters of Arts Degree in Special Education from the University of Manila.  She is currently engaged and has a two-year of daughter. Ms. Dagnalan, we are very proud of you, and we are delighted to have you on our staff. Please keep up the good work!! 


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