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Thank you to Dawson's staff, parents, guardians, and students for supporting Dawson Elementary School's Fall Book Fair.  I hope that you all enjoy the books and gifts that you purchased.  Dawson will earn 40% of the money earned at the Book Fair in Scholastic Dollars.  This means that Scholastic Book Company will allow Dawson to use 40% of the money earned at the book fair to purchase new books from them. That means that Dawson will be able to add up to fifty new books for the library's collection.  That is amazing.  Thank you all once again for your support.  I will see you in April at the Spring Buy one, Get one free Book Fair.!!  


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  November 2014  
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Fifth graders Omar Sanchez (pictured left) and Jason Chen (pictured right) are in the literary club, and they read to pre-k through second graders each Friday morning.  This is a part of the literary club's weekly routine.  Other students involved in the weekly reading are: Tykia Williams, Zykera Jones, Angel Morgan, Joselina Lopez, and Jalisa Davis who are also all members of the literary club. The student club members came up with the idea of reading to classes in order to promote the love of reading amongst the younger students.The literary club is sponsored by Mrs. Inger Hill, Librarian, and Mrs. Hazel Blount, Reading Specialist.
fall fest
On Friday, November 7th Dawson hosted their annual Fall Festival.  Students and their families were able to enjoy a cake walk, a game of bingo, face painting, a bounce house, dancing, a bag toss, and races.  Foods like french fries, hot dogs, potato chips, and honey buns were also available for purchase.  Additionally, families were able to shop at the book fair on its final day. For more photos of the Fall Fest, please visit the photo gallery at the top right corner of the home page. 

 Hazel Blount
Congratulations to Mrs. Hazel Blount for being awarded Dawson's Employee of the Month.  Mrs. Blount is the Reading Specialist, and this is her first year at Dawson.  She is a retired educator who has chosen to return to educating children. Thank you Mrs. Blount, and we are thrilled to have you here!!

Andrea Dagnalan
Dawson Congratulates our 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year, Ms. Andrea Dagnalan.  She is the second runner-up for the District's Teacher of the Year Award.  Ms. Dagnalan teaches Exceptional Children at Scotland Neck Primary School and Dawson Elementary School.  She is a native of the Philippines. She received an AB Social Science/Political Science/Sociology degree from the University of the Philippines. She received a Masters of Arts Degree in Special Education from the University of Manila.  She is currently engaged and has a two-year of daughter. Ms. Dagnalan, we are very proud of you, and we are delighted to have you on our staff. Please keep up the good work!! 


Welcome to Dawson Elementary

 Dawson Elementary School is located in a quiet, rural area of northeastern North Carolina on the boarder of Enfield and Scotland Neck. It currently serves 135 students has 27 employees including grade level teachers, Exceptional Children (EC) teachers, teacher assistants, a nurse, counselor, school librarian, custodian, cafeteria staff, physical education teacher, and an in-school suspension coordinator. The current building was built between 1957 and 1961 near the same area were the second Dawson Elementary was built.  However, the first Dawson Elementary School was built in 1910 and was an old wooden building known as the Masonic Lodge.  Sometimes Cedar Creek Baptist Church (still located next to the school)  was used as a classroom in Dawson's early days.  The second Dawson Elementary School was built in 1940 and was made of cinder blocks.  Today, Dawson Elementary School is built of bricks, and still stands to serve and educate.

Here is a list of Dawson's principals from 1910 until the present: Mr. Steptoe, Mrs. Malissa Smith (Addie's principal as a child), Mr. Patterson, Mr. Mcgacheah, Mr. C. Carraway, Mr. Dandee Clark, Mrs. Cooke, Mr. R.L. Solomon, Mr. Ronald Hayste, Mrs. Arjonah Balmer, Ms. Archibald, Ms. Arrington, and Mrs. Aimee Richardson. (As Addie and I conduct further research on the principals, names will be added if there are any, and the order will be corrected).

Addie (Historian)                         Addie and House Born In
The history of Dawson was provided by Mrs. Addie Clark Bobbitt Draughan (pictured above) who was born and raised a stone's throw away from Dawson in a house that still stands.  She is a local historian and author.  She has written and published several novels as well as several books of poetry. Mrs. Addie, born March 10, 1922, is a long time member of Cedar Creek Baptist Church and graduated from Dawson's seventh grade class in 1939. Afterwards she attended grades 8-11 at the Franklin Center at Bricks in Whitakers, NC. Lastly, she graduated from Brawley High school. We are very grateful to Mrs. Addie for provided information about Dawson elementary School's history that few are alive to tell about.  Thank you, Mrs. Addie, and you are invited to Dawson anytime!

 Dawson's Operational Hours are from 7:30am until 4:00pm.


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